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Psst. Your project deserves a good editor.

Feeling some anxiety as you think about who can edit your project?
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The stakes are high, and your project is very important.

You need a reliable and creative editor to help bring your project to life - but you’re worried that choosing the wrong editor will ruin your project.

I get it because I’ve been there. I’m a creator just like you and I know how important it is for your story to be told - the right way.

After 10+ years of freelance editing, I’ve helped countless creatives finish their projects - and I want to help you too!

Your project is important; you’ve put a lot of work into it and choosing the wrong editor can put all those countless hours of work at risk.

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Brittny Krone-West
Post-Production Manager, Paramount

Derrick Guest is super professional and accommodating to our networks. He is thoughtful about his approach to editing, and very flexible with his schedule. Derrick also takes direction well, and is a great communicator.

Blair Younger
Senior Writer/Producer

I love collaborating with Derrick- he is fast and creative…and works especially well with music. My go to whenever I have the ability to pick my editor.

Grace Cho
Senior Director of Post Production, Mass Appeal

I've known Derrick for years, and don't hesitate to recommend him for projects. He's a professional and an expert at his craft. Always knocking it out ofthe park. Every single time.

Peter Viola
Senior Writer/Producer

Derrick should be on everyone's shortlist as a freelance editor for what he brings to every project: unquestioned talent and technical skill, brilliant ideas, a highly collaborative work ethic, and an ability to calmly deal with tight deadlines or jittery clients.

Leigh Ahimor
Senior Writer/Producer, Product 360

I recommend Derrick. He always strives to provide value to clients and has wonderful, creative suggestions.

Tara Catherine Reid
Director of Production, Rolling Stone

Derrick’s body of work would be more than enough to prove his value, but his seamless communication, kind personality, and efficient work ethic are what sets him apart from the rest. Derrick took my vision for an edit above and beyond what I could've ever imagined. The entire process of working with Derrick was easy and fun! I can not recommend Derrick enough.

Nicole Marshall
Supervising Producer, CBS Mornings

Derrick is a great editor to work with and always gets the job done and done well. Very calm under pressure and collected. All around good person!

Sammi Rappaport
Associate Producer, CBS Mornings

I absolutely love working with Derrick! He is so kind, efficient, thoughtful, and on top of everything, but the best part is that he is collaborative. That goes such a long way in our industry, and it's so important to have that relationship with the people you work with so that you can put out the very best product! Derrick is a top-tier editor and I would gladly work with him any day.

Wes Carlton
Senior Editor, CBS Mornings

Derrick is creative, easy to work with and efficient. He always brings something new to the table and has the ability to problem solve in a moments notice. Can't wait to work with him again!

Creative Director, The Sherri Show

My experience with Derrick has always been an easy one. He takes direction well, and when I'm stuck in a creative conundrum he always has a solve

Lincoln Frost
Freelance Editor

Derrick is the ultimate professional and a creative genius. He is always open to collaborate.

Joe Palumbo
Supervising Editor, CBS Mornings

I highly recommend Derrick , he’s an excellent editor.

Chai Wingfield
Associate Producer, CBS Mornings

Derrick and I have worked on numerous projects together and he is so thorough and precise. He pays great attention to detail and goes above and beyond to deliver quality content.

Michelle Toussaint
Associate Producer, CBS Mornings

I recommend utilizing Derrick for your next project. Derrick has understanding, a sharp eye and the finesse needed to take a project to a high quality level.

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Your project deserves a good editor.